Please take a moment to read through some of the most frequently asked questions I receive about booking, dates, and our time together.

What is your screening process and why do you need my information?

I’ll need your full name, email, phone number, as well as a name and full contact information for references from other providers you have seen. If you cannot provide a reference, I also accept a LinkedIn profile, a copy of your valid government ID, or a deposit by credit card. Please also include details about the appointment scheduling, and any requests you may have. Once I receive this information, I will contact your references and get back to you.

I request information about you so that I can make a decision on whether or not we would be a good fit on a date. This is as much for your benefit as it is for mine. Generally I want to have assurances that you, as a client, are safe, respectable, clean, and will honour the agreed-upon donation for time spent together. No doubt, you as a client, want to have assurances that I only see respectful, high-class clients such as yourself.

I know this can seem like a lot of information to provide, and I appreciate your trust in me with this data. Please note that I do not share information of my clients with anyone. There are two exceptions to this: 1) if you use me as a reference, I will provide one to another companion accordingly; and 2) If my safety and security is at risk. Otherwise your information remains confidential.

Why do you ask for references? What do I do if I don’t have a reference?

References are an important part of my decision-making process in determining if you and I would be a good fit on a date. When I contact a reference, my questions are brief; I want to understand from another provider if you are safe, sane, respectable, and would the provider see you again. That’s pretty much it. I don’t need a long, review-like detail of your encounter.

If you are unable to provide a reference, I may ask for other forms of verification to ensure that you are a real, serious individual, such as a deposit, verified personal information, LinkedIn profile, or valid government ID to assess chemistry.

What are your rates?

All donations for my time and companionship can be found on my website under Rates.

Rates for Toronto apply to the downtown Toronto area only. Travel to outside areas (including Mississauga, Brampton, Scarborough, North York, Airport, and outside of this range) will incur transportation costs. Please enquire.

How do you accept payment?

My preferred payment methods are cash and Bitcoin. Bitcoin is easily purchased through Shakepay.

For returning customers, or those looking to provide a deposit for an extended date, I accept e-transfer and credit card. Credit cards are processed with an additional 10% surcharge.

Do you require a deposit?

For dates in Toronto, greater than 3 hours, or more than 4 weeks away, I require a 20% deposit to book an appointment. For all dates outside of the GTA, I require a 50% deposit. Deposits can be paid credit card (with an additional 10% surcharge) or Bitcoin. Occasionally I accept Amazon gift cards as deposits. Please ask.

What is your cancellation policy?

Any date cancelled with less than 24 hour’s notice will be billed at 50% of the fee, paid by Bitcoin or credit card, on the day of cancellation. Same day cancellations incur a 100% fee, paid on the day of cancellation. There are no exceptions to this. By booking with me, you agree to this policy.

Do you accept same day requests?

If my schedule permits, yes! Same day bookings will incur an additional $50 convenience fee.

How do I prepare or a date with you?

Start by being your fabulous self! Prepare for a date with me as you would any other date: I love a man who is well-dressed and has good hygiene. If I’m coming to you, ensure your suite is clean and tidy. Upon my arrival, please have the donation in an unsealed envelope in plain sight, or tucked away with a gift.

What happens on a date? What are your services?

I can assure you our time spent together will be filled creating pleasant memories. Some dates can include dinner, drinks, a show, or other event. I enjoy the theatre, opera, ballet, symphony, concerts, and sports events. I also enjoy attending corporate functions, galas, and other events where a high-class companion would be appropriate.

Please note I do not discuss specific “services”.

Which type of client do you see?

I entertain clients of all race, religion, sexuality, ability, and political view. If you are curious as to whether we would be a match, please contact me and I can get back to you promptly. My only request among my clients is that you are safe, respectful, and honour our agreed-up donation for my time and companionship.

I am interested in booking you for a travel date. What do I need to know?

I love to travel, and given my flexible schedule I can be ready to go with a few days notice. I have a valid passport and Nexus card, and no travel restrictions. Full screening will absolutely be required, for our mutual comfort. Depending on the location, a minimum date length may apply. I will likely need some time to myself during our stay together to freshen up, relax, check in on my personal life, etc. With this in mind, some clients have opted to rent a suite or separate sleeping arrangement should I need somewhere to retire.

I will book all travel and can provide you with a quote for reimbursement, to be paid before I book my trip. For flights under 5 hours, an economy class ticket is sufficient. For flights longer than 5 hours, and for any overseas/international travel, a business or first class airline ticket will be expected. A minimum 50% deposit is required to secure any travel bookings. Please see above on paying deposits.

Do you see couples?

I entertain couples of all genders, and I would love to be included in your fun festivities! Please note I do charge extra for couples, and this fee varies depending on length of date and location. Couple dates are outcall only and require a minimum 2 hour booking.

What about duos or group activity?

I have several friends I enjoy spending time with, and I would love for us all to get acquainted! Please check out my Duos page to learn more about them. Please note that duos are charged at the outcall rate, and group activity will incur an additional fee. Minimum durations may apply.

What do you look like? Can you send me photos?

My photos are displayed prominently throughout my website. I do not send any other photos or videos, nor do I allow any photography or videos of our time together.

What will you wear? Do you take requests?

I have a selection of outfits ranging from ultra-casual to black-tie. Depending on the nature of our date I will dress appropriately. Generally I tend to prefer dresses at or below the knee, form fitting-clothing, minimalist jewelry and makeup, and styled hair. I am always well-groomed and I have a selection of high-end lingerie, shoes, and swimsuits. I absolutely entertain requests for wardrobe; dressing up for you is a complete turn on!

What fetish and kink activities do you enjoy?

I am strictly a Domme. I enjoy various forms of kink and fetish, including CBT, bondage, corporal punishment, electroplay, strapon use, foot worship, fetish wrestling, and findom, among other things. I also offer Femdom Fitness sessions for those interested in experiencing true discipline.

I’d like to bring you a gift. What do you like?

You are too kind! Gifts are always appreciated. I love dark chocolate, treats or toys for my cats, sunflowers, prosecco, and scented candles. If you’re interested in splurging, my wish list can be found here.

How do I make an appointment with you?

Glad you asked! Click the button below to get started.