The List

Recently I posted a list of very sexy tweets on my twitter page. But in case you missed it, here’s a summary.


1. I have a thing for curvy, thick women.

2. My orgasms are infrequent, but intense, long, and loud.

3. I wish I was a squirter.

4. While I enjoy Donne work, I also love a man who knows how to take control. Throw me on the bed & have your way with me

5. I have very responsive nipples.

6. I love having sex in the shower.

7. I just finished masturbating about 15min ago

8. I’m a fan of anal, when done well, with the right person.

9. I’ve never had an MMF threesome, but I’ve always wanted to.

10. Lana Woodford is my most fave duo partner.

11. The first time I ever went to Oasis Aqualounge was on a first date.

12. The second time I went to Oasis Aqualounge, I met the hottest guy and he fucked me in the red room for over an hour.

13. I like threesomes/foursomes, but sex in larger groups doesn’t do it for me personally.

14. If you really want to get me going, start with kissing. Nothing turns me on more than great kissing.

15. Intelligence is the biggest turn on for me. Seduce me with your mind and I’m putty in your hands. Ok, tall/dark/handsome works too.

foot fetish

16. I prefer to be completely bare – Brazilian wax all the way.

17. I have a foot fetish; sucking on my toes actually makes me soaking wet.

18. Girth > length.

19. I like to mix it up; positions, speed, force. Variety is the spice of (sex) life!

20. When using your fingers, make the “come hither” motion; pressure to the roof of my vagina, but don’t dig a hole.

21. I have a thick clit. If you can’t find it, um…. yeah.

22. Leave no marks, please.

23. Condoms necessitate lube. It’s not you, it’s physiology.

24. Butt plugs – fan fave

25. I’m a breast woman. And an ass woman.

26. Having my tits or pussy smacked does absolutely nothing for me. Don’t bother.

27. I have a fetish for big clits.

28. I love dressing in lingerie and heels for my dates. Ask and you shall receive!

29. I love making a woman cum with my mouth.

30. I also making a man cum with my mouth.

31. Vibrators don’t do it for me; they make me numb. So if we get together, no need to break out the Hitachi or the rabbit ears

32. My top fave fetishes include corporal punishment, pegging, CBT, and electroplay. As the purveyor, of course.

33. The frequency at which I masturbate is inversely related to the frequency with which I have sex.

34. My favourite type of client is respectful, clean, conversive, and enjoys sex. I’m pretty sure the last item is always a given

35. For all of you who liked these tweets, you better be making a booking with me soon

36. The very first porn magazine I ever saw had a Penthouse editorial called “Joni and Liv”, from back in the early 90s. Still hot.

37. Endorphins from sex relieved my back pain. I feel like I need an infusion, though. Can has help?!

38. I’m flexible in all the right ways.

39. Most of my dreams involve sex in some capacity, with women and men.

40. I love a woman in lingerie. I love undressing her even more.

41. A man in a suit drives me wild. Nothing sexier than dropping to my knees, undoing his belt and taking him into my mouth.

42. While swallowing is tolerated, facials are out of the question. Have you ever had cum in your eye?!?

43. I have a @Feeldoe and it’s the only toy I truly love and can cum with.

44. Even though I’m strictly a Domme in my professional life, outside work I’ve been known to enjoy a flogging tied to St. Andrew’s Cross.

45. Longer dates only. I promise you’ll thoroughly enjoy yourself while we’re together.

46. I love entertaining requests for wardrobe, refreshments, toys and music, on our dates. Want something? Ask away.

47. If you’d like multiple rounds, book a longer date. I can work magic, but not miracles.

48. There is something exciting about the thrill of meeting a client for the first time. I love the anticipation of someone new!

49. I’ve never had sex in an airplane, but I would love to. If anyone is interested in providing this first, DM me.

fetish domme

<—-  50. Current mood.


51. A well-dressed man in a suit somehow makes me want to put his dick in my mouth.


52. I really want to do Femdom Fitness sessions with clients. I train you, make you suffer, and then reward you for your efforts.

53. #WeekendGoals: Threesome.

54. Also #WeekendGoals: #MFM #MMF

55. For oral, first pull my hood back.

56. And then use your whole mouth.

57. Porn as twitter marketing is distracting me from my goals here lol.

58. I’ve also a thing for guy on guy action. If this is you, see #54 in this list and #callmebaby.

59. Let’s make dinner together.

kitchen sex the list


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