We have arranged ourselves similarly to before.

I’m tied to your ceiling with an unforgiving tension running through my arms. The cuffs are made of leather; a soft leather, but after an extended period, it feels like barb wire. They have slowly dug into my wrists and I know there will be distinct markings there later on. My shoulders ache from being stretched overhead. My legs are anchored to the floor with those same leather cuffs, and splayed apart for full display. I am naked. Thankfully, you have given me a stool of sorts; more like a saddle, which I am graciously permitted to rest upon at times. I have been standing here for what seems like hours. I am blindfolded. I am exhausted.

The room is dark, save for a dim light emanating from a small lamp on a table where you have laid your tools for today’s work; devices of pleasure; weapons of choice. So neatly rolled in a thick, textured fabric, now spread across the table for ease of selection. A riding crop. A flogger. A leather paddle.

You, walking about quietly enough that I can barely hear your footsteps, and your proximity is only given away by the scent of your perfume – sweet with lavender. It’s mixed with your sweat. It’s hot in here. We’ve been working hard.

“My darling.” Your voice comes from far away. I can tell you are across the room; the sound of your heels hitting the floor, the way you handle your… implements. My heart is pounding. “I hope you’re not falling asleep. We have much left to do.”

Earlier, I had not responded in time. What was the question? I no longer remember. But I do remember the feel of leather against my back. So cutting and sharp. I scream, and you continue.

“Cry. Scream. Do it.” And you continued.

Now there is music.

“Don’t look, don’t look,” the shadows breathe
Whispering me away from you

Another lash. Another scream.

“Don’t wake at night to watch her sleep
You know that you will always lose”

You plunge toward me and grab my chin with your hand, pressing into me. I feel the fabric of your black leather pants against my leg as your body contacts mine.

This trembling, adored
Tousled, bird-like girl

“My darling. You are mine.”

“Yes,” I agree.

“Say it.”

“I am yours.”

“Again.” You squeeze my face harder.

“I am yours.”

“Good.” You let go, and softly stroke where previously you was so harsh. Your hands are soft, as if you’ve spent a life never lifting a finger. Gentle kisses fall on my face; your lips brush my cheek. Tears begin to form in my eyes. I am overwhelmed.

“Don’t cry, my darling. I’m going to give you a special gift.”

Silence. Not even the sound of you breathing.

You finally let me sit. My legs are on the verge of collapse. You walk behind me and adjust me in my saddle.

“Stand.” You command. You take my hips and lower them to the seat again, pushing my hips slightly forward as you slide the saddle back just enough that I feel the skin of my labia get pulled taut, and there is barely an edge left for me to rest on. I am exposed.

“I’m going to remove your blindfold. You are to look downwards when I do this.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

You remove my blindfold slowly, letting it fall downwards on my face. The room is dark, yet the light is bothering my eyes. I am trying to adjust.

“Look at yourself. Look down upon your beautiful clitoris.” And I can see it bulge between my labia. The skin has been stretched such that the size of my clitoris is emphasized.

“I’m going to pleasure you, but it is for my enjoyment. Do you understand?”

“Yes.” You take my chin and direct my gaze into your eyes.

You have blue eyes; brooding, always with intent. There is a particular way you look at me. Commanding, without any words. Your long brown hair. Soft lips. Smooth hands. They are so very smooth. And forceful. And strong.

You graze my lips with yours, and I am not to respond. This is how you like it. Always in control. This is how I like it. I always surrender. One hand slides down my body, across my breasts, over my stomach. You run your fingers delicately across the inside of my thighs, and as you move upward you being to slowly caress my labia. I breathe heavy and flinch. One finger slides inside my vagina. Wet. Dripping. My juice is like silk as you rub it over your fingers. You take your finger and begin to rub my clitoris, and I immediately respond.

“Do you like it?” Your lips are so close to mine. I long to kiss them. I want to taste your mouth in me, to feel your tongue against mine. I want to eat your kiss. I want to swallow you whole. Deep, consuming.


You place your finger and thumb on my clitoris and begin stroking me. Instinctively I moan, and clench my pubic muscles.

“So thick. So hard,” you tell me. You’re still looking into my eyes, and your breath falls fast upon my lips. Faster you stroke me, and I feel myself nearly climaxing, until you abruptly stop. “Now, now. We don’t want to get ahead of ourselves. At least not before I give you your gift.” Stepping away, you walk back to your table of implements, reach into a box, and pull out something I cannot quite distinguish. As you approach me, I see what you have in your hands.

“A clit pump, darling. I want your clit rock hard and engorged for me. Do you think this would be acceptable?”

“Oh yes. Please.” I have been waiting for this for some time. Long I have fantasized about these…devices. Yet I remained too shy and conservative to purchase one for myself. No matter. You have done the work for me. I can feel my vaginal muscles spontaneously tighten to the point of pain.

“My darling, I’m going to pump your clitoris. When I do this, you’ll feel an intense sucking. Don’t be alarmed. I want your pleasure. Remember, this is my pleasure. Give it to me. Give everything to me. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

You gently kiss my lips, and I find myself spinning inside my head. I want more.

You grasp my clitoris in your hand and place the tube of the pump over it, ensuring a snug fit. Slowly you begin sucking the air out of the tube.

“Watch. Watch me pump your clit,” you say. I do as I’m told and I watch my clitoris slowly grow and become very red inside this little plastic tube. You continue to pump. My clitoris is thick, engorged. At least an inch long, perhaps more. All I feel is… tingling. Fire. A burning sensation radiates from my clitoris, along my hips, and it feels as if it passes directly into my spine. I cry out and writhe with excitement.

“Do you like it? Tell me. Tell me!” you command.

“Yes! Please! Don’t stop.” But you release the suction and pull the tube off, and I nearly fall off the saddle. The music starts again.

Every night I burn, every night I scream your name
Every night I burn, every night the dream is the same

And you walk out of the room.

Every night I burn, waiting for my only friend
Every night I burn, waiting for the world to end

I am about to do something this is very much frowned upon in your opinion, but I can’t control myself. I know what will happen if I do this, but I simply cannot stop.

I adjust myself on the saddle so that my clitoris touches the edge. Slowly I begin grinding my hips into the seat, rubbing my clit along the bottom. I know you arranged for this to happen; the saddle, the clit pump, leaving my alone for so long. Why do you torture me so?

I am writhing and grinding on this saddle. I can feel my wetness drip out of me like a faucet, and I use it to lubricate my clitoris – my very swollen, hard, thick clitoris. I am moaning loudly, clenching my pubic muscles. Suddenly I feel it happening – that sweet, hard, climax I have been waiting for. I spread my legs more and press hard into the saddle, crying out as I come all over it, for what seems like forever. My vagina and clitoris are pulsing with satisfaction as I continue well beyond the completion of my delicious orgasm.

Then the door opens and you walk in. What is the look on your face – anger, disgust, disappointment?

“My darling, what were you doing without me?” I look sheepishly at you, and stammer an answer.

“I – I – I couldn’t stop. It was too much. You left me. I was –“ You’re walking towards me, quickly.

“Selfish. You were selfish and you couldn’t wait. I thought we had been practicing the art of self-control, my darling? Delayed gratification? Have you forgotten everything I taught you?” You’re standing in front of me now, and your hands are placed on mine so that we are both stretched with arms overhead. You’re leaning into me, pressing me into the invisible wall behind me. I feel your erection through your pants.

“No, Mistress. I-“

“You know what happens when you disobey me.” You take my face into your hands and stroke my cheek, looking longingly into my eyes. Deeply, your tongue enters my mouth and I devour it. Just as quickly, you withdraw. You place the blindfold over my eyes again.

“Don’t talk of love”, the shadows purr
Murmuring me away from you
“Don’t talk of worlds that never were
The end is all that’s ever true”

The music is louder now.

There’s nothing you can every say
Nothing you can ever do

The stool is suddenly removed.

Whack. I scream loudly and shrilly. There is a burning sensation across my ass, mixed with pain. This time, you’re not gentle with that paddle.

“This is what happens when you disobey me. You need to be punished. Go ahead. Scream. Cry. I want to hear you.”

And I scream. Loudly. With each contact, I burst open, and there are tears flowing freely.

“Ahh.. that’s it my darling. Cry for me. Cry!”

“Please. It’s too much. Please stop.”

“You know those words carry no weight with me. You are mine. I will not stop.” And you continue your… assault. “Have you had enough?”

“Yes, please. No more.” I beg you to stop.

“Ssshhhh.” You whisper. I can feel your hard cock against my back – your strapon. You press into me and place one hand around my throat. You kiss my neck and begin running your lips long my shoulder blades. I feel goosebumps forming along my skin. You make your way down my thigh to my ankle where you loosen one cuff. Passing in front of me, I can feel your lips and tongue run across my stomach, moving downwards to my pubic bone, and then between my labia. You take my still-engorged clitoris into your mouth and begin to caress it with your tongue. You take my free leg and wrap it around your shoulders and neck, and I am supporting myself with my other foot. You grasp my hips and ass, and bring them closer to your face. Then you let go and release my other ankle cuff.

Still every night I burn, every night I scream your name
Every night I burn, every night the dream’s the same

You walk over to the wall and release my binds. I am standing there, wrists still tied together, but the release of tension from my arms and shoulders feels incredible, and I bend over. My back is aching, my shoulders and wrists are sore. But as quickly as I’m released, you walk over and wrap your arms around me from behind, pulling me up off the floor to you. Again I feel your hard cock pressed into my body, and you wrap one hand around my waist, the other to my neck, pulling my head back as you kiss my neck. Your hand on my waist trails down to my clitoris and you begin slipping your fingers inside me.

“You are so wet. Are you ready for me?”

“Yes,” I breathe. I am so very ready for you. I will do anything you ask.

You take your wet fingers and slip one in my ass, which immediately contracts upon contact.

“Mmm… you are tight. I need you to relax. Will you let me in?” Your lips caress my neck and you begin to nibble. Then bite. Hard.

“Ah!” I cry out. “I want to, but I know it will hurt.”

“It’s good for you. I promise you’ll enjoy it.”

You turn me around to face you, and remove the blindfold again. Staring at me, I know you can control me without asking; you can tell me what you want me to do just by looking at me. Those eyes. Just… stop. You’re killing me.

Every night I burn, waiting for my only friend
Every night I burn, waiting for the world to end

“Undress me.” I place my hands on your chest and begin to undo your buttons, one by one. As I open your shirt, I kiss your breasts – round, full, soft. You run your fingers through my hair as you pull me towards you. I continue to kiss your breasts until I reach your nipples, which I begin encircling with my tongue, navigating the area with my lips, and bringing each one between my teeth to feel their texture in my mouth. I stand and slip your shirt off your shoulders and look upon your body.

“Just paint your face”, the shadows smile
Slipping me away from you

“Continue,” you demand. My hands move towards your pants and I smoothly undo your buckle, sliding the belt out from the loops. I drop it to the floor. I run my hand over your cock and feel you move towards me with my touch. I begin to stroke you, while fixing my eyes on yours. Your left hand moves to caress my face and I kiss your fingers as you move them across my lips. I undo your button and zipper, and your pants fall to the floor as you effortlessly step out of them. My hands slip underneath the elastic of your panties, and I begin to slide them downwards, gradually kneeling downwards, passing my hands over your hips. I start to take you inside my mouth when I am pulled upwards by you. You want my mouth in yours.

The kissing comes faster, deeper, harder. You swoop me up and bring me to the floor. The floor is cold and hard. I can feel the creases of the tile press into the skin on my back, my spine digging into the unforgiving ceramic. It is incredibly uncomfortable. You take my legs and raise them in the air, perpendicular to the floor, and position yourself in front of them. My legs are leaning on you, and you look at me with intent, mouth slightly open. There is darkness in your eyes, but also lust. You kiss my ankles gently, and rub your lips along my calves, keeping eye contact the entire time. I can’t do anything else but watched. You have paralyzed me with your gaze.

“Keep your arms over your head,” you command. I’m helpless to defend myself. You take your cock in your hands and begin to rub my labia, gently wetting the tip with my juices, massaging my clitoris. You tease me by slipping the tip into my vagina, and withdrawing slowly. Never fully entering. Each time you do this, I bring my hips to meet you, and you pull away. I want you. I want you inside of me. I want your full, thick, delicious cock so deep inside my pussy that I feel it against my teeth. At this moment, I will give everything to you, whatever you ask.

“It doesn’t matter how you hide
Find you if we’re wanting to

And then, without warning, you plunge deep inside me. I feel my eyes go wide and my face turn incredibly red. I let out a loud scream as I watch a grin spread across your face. I reach to grasp your hips, bringing you closer to me, to continue this aggressive rhythm. You slowly withdraw and force your way in again, and each time I yell, moaning with pleasure. I can feel the wetness of my juices on your cock, and how easily it slides in and out of my pussy. I can feel my vaginal muscles tightening around you, enticing you, begging you to enter again. And you do. Again and again. You remove yourself from me and begin to use your cock to play with my clitoris again, circling it. I feel the firmness of your tip press into my swollen clit, and I close my eyes for a moment to soak it all in.

“So slide back down and close your eyes
Sleep a while, you must be tired”

“I’m going to fuck your ass,” you say with conviction so strong, I couldn’t ever refuse you. Your voice is deep, and it reverberates through my ears. As you reach for lube, I feel my heart rate quicken. I watch as you carefully apply the lubrication to the strapon, stroking yourself while maintaining that intense gaze you’re so fond of.

You reposition yourself in front of me and lift my legs so my hips meet yours and my ass is exposed. With the tip of your cock you begin. Prying open my asshole, which is so tight and reflexively contracts against you. This is the wrong way, it says. But somehow I reach out to your hips to bring you towards me. At first you’re slow as you enter. And then it’s as if I relax completely, and I feel the full length of your cock in my ass, so quickly it happens. And then there is pain; a searing, tearing pain. I immediately push you out of me. This position is too much. I can’t take this.

“Take me. Do it,” you implore. “Come on. Give it to me. It’s mine.”

Again you fill my ass with your thickness. You thrust. You push. I hear your moans on top of mine. We move into a rhythm and I have succumbed to your pleasurable torture, despite my agony. It is a sweet agony, one of resignation and desire. Of letting myself go for you, of putting your needs before my own. Faster you move, and in our frenzied state I cum ferociously.

And music. Always the music.

Every night I burn, every night I call your name
Every night I burn, every night I fall again

Every night I burn, scream the animal scream
Every night I burn, dream the crow black dream

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