A Winter’s Night

Falling asleep on your chest with my face touching your skin. Waking in the middle of the night I feel you pressed into my back. When I stir you shift a little and I can feel your desires through your stiff cock. Slowly you rouse me, gently kissing my neck and caressing my body. And as I awaken some more, I push my hips into you, because I want to feel you inside me. You grasp my head with one hand and pull me to you to begin our kiss, and you bestow them upon my lips and neck fluidly. With your other hand you run your fingers down my back and between my ass, moving towards my pussy, which you discover is very wet. You take your cock in your hand and begin to feel your way inside me; slowly. I can feel your breath on my neck as you enter me fully. Firm, deep thrusts fill my body. Your hands explore my breasts. And then you turn me onto my stomach so you’re lying on top of me, and I can feel the weight of you press into me. You enter me from behind and continue to slide your cock in and out of my throbbing, wet pussy. I can hear you moan I top of me as your rhythm picks up. I meet my hips to yours. You grasp one of my hands while the other finds it’s way to my hair, pulling my mouth to yours for a deep kiss as you empty your cum inside me.

Your hard cock continues to throb every few seconds.  My swollen and hot pussy responds to each throb with a contraction, begging for more.  One of my strong contractions pushes your still hard cock out and your cum spills onto the sheets.  Our limbs are still entangled and our moist skin is still stuck together in some places and our breathing is still labored and heavy.  You pull my legs over your shoulders and go down and firmly lick the mix of our cum which is still dripping off my ass.  I rise up to kiss you, leaving your mouth full of our cum.  As I arch my back with my eyes closed, you reach down with your mouth and engulf my clitoris completely, gently sucking.  My pelvis bucks hard against your face; my orgasms are intense, but what surprises me is how long and undulating that they are.

As your cock hardens, I whisper “fuck me now.”

You stand up next to the bed.  I stand up on the bed and look down on me with the same smirk I have in all my pictures you saw before you met me.  I leap up into your arms, wrap my legs around your waist.  You hold me up and swing me around, and pin me up against the wall with my legs still wrapped around your body.  You reach down and guide your cock between my swollen lips into my wet pussy.  You can feel the power of my legs radiating up through each thrust.  My pussy can almost feel your thigh muscles through your cock.  Every deep thrust hits that one deep spot that I always find with my vibrator. I’m the lucky one; you have the perfect curve and length to pleasure this spot every time. I stick my tongue deep into your mouth and you grab it with your teeth as I cum a second time with you inside me. I can feel every hot squirt fill me up.

With your my cum running out my pussy and down my leg, you carry me with my legs still wrapped around your waist to the bath.  Sitting in, you lean back as I wash your back and you rest on my chest.  We watch the steam rise off our glowing skin.  We bask in the pure relax post-coital, half drunk, half high feeling of warmth.  We somehow make it back to the bed and curl up under the comforters, naked, warm, melted into each other.  We fall asleep, our fingers intertwined.  Snow drifts down outside.






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